1. TitleDr
  2. Full NameMisaki Wayengera
  3. LocationKampala , Uganda
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  8. Short BiographyI am a physician with a special disposition to molecular Medicine. I hold an MBChB, MSc BioEntr, and ongoing training in PhD Pathogen omics. My work revolves around pathogen omes-purposing to elucidate novel vaccine, drug and daignostic targets. Although I literally work with all pathogens, my major work is with HIV and its opportnistic infections; STI viruses including HSV-2 and HPV-6, 8, 11, 16; Plasmodium; M.tb, the filoviruses Ebola and Marburg, as well as other negelected pathogens/tropical diseases. Overall, my mission is to influence molecular medicine in Africa with the goal of first defining some of the cutting edge discoveries and innovations for the future.
  9. Research AreasHIV/TB/Infectitious diseases/Viral therapeutic vaccine and Microbicide development
  10. InterestsInternational Policy Molecular Medicine-Infectitious diseases
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