1. TitleOther
  2. Full NameJean-François Turmel
  3. LocationLac-Etchemin , Canada
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  8. Short BiographyI am a graduate in psychology who came to study the seasonality of birth of individuals displaying behaviours and who came to formulate, following the end of my studies, as an autonomous researcher, director of an institution of research, an original synthetic theory to explain my observations and the phenomena of seasonality of birth of individuals of populations displaying physical, mental and behavioural phenotypes, theory enabling notably to predict suicidal behaviours published in a scientific journal. From my observations, I have also formulated an original synthetic theory of evolution stating that individuals of a population can evolve in their genetic and phenotypic constitution toward a higher, a lower and a mean fitness in an environment.
  9. Research AreasSynthetic evolutionary sciences
  10. InterestsEvolution of body, mind and behaviour in different climatic environments of the Earth
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