About PLOS RSS Feeds

Want to keep abreast of all PLOS content without having to regularly visit each site? RSS will allow you to do just that.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a regularly published collection of headlines and summaries from an original source (e.g., a PLOS journal). Readers can subscribe to their favorite RSS feeds to have the latest news and content updates delivered right to their desktop. To do so, you will need an RSS feed reader. See the section below on reading RSS feeds for more information.

Web site creators can distribute RSS feeds of their published content and can also retrieve and display feeds from other sources on their own Web site. See the section below on displaying PLOS RSS feeds for more information.

What RSS Feeds Does PLOS Provide?

Select a site from the list below for available RSS feeds:

How Can I Read RSS Feeds?

There are many free and commercial RSS readers you can use to subscribe to and read RSS feeds. There are RSS-enabled Web browsers, e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari (Mac). There are Web-based readers, e.g., Google Reader and Bloglines. There are also stand-alone readers, e.g., AmphetaDesk and Feedreader (Windows). You can find RSS readers by searching the Internet for "RSS Reader" or "RSS News Aggregator" and checking the Yahoo! Directory of RSS Readers and Aggregators. Please note that PLOS does not endorse any particular RSS reader products.

I want to display PLOS RSS feeds on my Web site. What are the terms of use?

PLOS RSS feeds are provided free of charge. We encourage you to display our feeds on your Web site. We only ask that you cite the journal title in connection with your use of the feeds. If you provide this attribution with a graphic, please use the logo that we have included in the feed itself.

If you maintain your own Web site, there are a number of ways you can retrieve and display RSS feeds from other sources on your Web site, including JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Perl, and commercial applications like FeedrollPro. Please note that PLOS does not endorse any particular RSS display products.