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Carried across the Sea.

Image Credit: R. Evan Thomas (avenescent [at]
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This image is a personal response to the Asian tsunami disaster and an attempt to convey the profound way in which that event touched lives around the world. Early one morning, I loaded a 50-pound iron Buddha head into a backpack, strapped on my camera equipment, and set out on a four-mile hike up the California coast from Torrey Pines Beach. The Buddha originally came from a monastery, by way of a hospital, before finding its way into my hands on American shores. Several weeks of unusually high surf conditions and winter storms had strewn the beach with organic material. I laid the Buddha in the flotsam, and contemplated the way it interacted with the other objects—a feather, grains of sand. The multiplicity of interpretations symbolizes for me all the individual stories of survivors.

Born R. Evan Thomas in 1965, I work under the name Avenescent as an artist and as a creative director for New Earth Publications and the magazine Planet Lightworker. I have spent my life in artistic exploration, and my present passions are the digital arts and photography. I have enjoyed life experiences in many parts of the United States, and although much of my family resides in the Northwest, I prefer the warm, sunny climate of Southern California.




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Geoff Bellingan

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Revisiting the Tsunami: Health Consequences of Flooding

Oliver Morgan, Mike Ahern, Sandy Cairncross

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High Risk of Unexpected Late Fetal Death in Monochorionic Twins Despite Intensive Ultrasound Surveillance: A Cohort Study

Olivia Barigye, Lucia Pasquini, Paula Galea, Helen Chambers, Lucy Chappell, Nicholas M Fisk

Derivation of Multipotent Mesenchymal Precursors from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Tiziano Barberi, Lucy M Willis, Nicholas D Socci, Lorenz Studer

Development of a New Vaccine for the Prevention of Lassa Fever

Thomas W Geisbert, Steven Jones, Elizabeth A Fritz, Amy C Shurtleff, Joan B Geisbert, Ryan Liebscher, Allen Grolla, Ute Ströher, Lisa Fernando, Kathleen M Daddario, Mary C Guttieri, Bianca R Mothé, Tom Larsen, Lisa E Hensley, Peter B Jahrling, Heinz Feldmann


Medical Decision Making: The Family–Doctor–Patient Triad

Fawad Aslam, Omar Aftab, Naveed Z Janjua

Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment: One Size Does Not Fit All

Chris Drakeley, Roly Gosling, Hugh Reyburn

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Erick Turner, Martin Tramèr

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