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Several years ago my mother lost her battle with throat cancer. Shortly after, my brother was diagnosed with a fist-sized tumor in his brain; luckily he has been "cancer free" for many years now. After my brother's diagnosis, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she lost her battle with it. As one can imagine, situations such as these are extremely difficult to accept. We all have different ways of coping, and Cancer, as well as other images that I have produced, enabled me to overcome troubling experiences. The images I choose to tackle deal not only with the people in my life but also with the powerful experiences that we all face from time to time.

Sometimes gifts come in unusual forms. The pain I have experienced has convinced me that life is simply too short to waste on anything other than that which is most important to me. I have quit my job in order to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in painting at Arizona State University, and my beautiful wife and I are the proud parents of an equally beautiful 17-month-old daughter.


The PLoS Medicine Debate


Preserving Creativity in Medicine

David A Shaywitz, Dennis A Ausiello

Neglected Diseases


Health in Action

Policy Forums

Strengthening the Role of Genomics in Global Health

Tara Acharya, Abdallah S Daar, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Peter A Singer

Research in Translation

Pancreatic Islet Transplantation

Mark A Naftanel, David M Harlan

Research Articles

Sensitive, Noninvasive Detection of Lymph Node Metastases

Mukesh G Harisinghani, Ralph Weissleder

Short Sleep Duration Is Associated with Reduced Leptin, Elevated Ghrelin, and Increased Body Mass Index

Shahrad Taheri, Ling Lin, Diane Austin, Terry Young, Emmanuel Mignot

Randomized, Controlled Trial of Therapy Interruption in Chronic HIV-1 Infection

Emmanouil Papasavvas, Jay R Kostman, Karam Mounzer, Robert M Grant, Robert Gross, Cele Gallo, Livio Azzoni, Andrea Foulkes, Brian Thiel, Maxwell Pistilli, Agnieszka Mackiewicz, Jane Shull, Luis J Montaner

Cancer as a Complex Phenotype: Pattern of Cancer Distribution within and beyond the Nuclear Family

Laufey T Amundadottir, Sverrir Thorvaldsson, Daniel F Gudbjartsson, Patrick Sulem, Kristleifur Kristjansson, Sigurdur Arnason, Jeffrey R Gulcher, Johannes Bjornsson, Augustine Kong, Unnur Thorsteinsdottir, Kari Stefansson