Table of Contents: October 2008


Injustices in the US Health Care System.

Image Credit: Figure S2 in Ezzati M, Friedman AB, Kulkarni SC, Murray CJL (2008) The Reversal of Fortunes: Trends in County Mortality and Cross-County Mortality Disparities in the United States. PLoS Med 5(4): e66
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The US maps from a recent PLoS Medicine research article (Ezzati, et al. e66) show not election returns, but disparities in life expectancy. In this month's Editorial (e208), the PLoS Medicine Editors argue that fixing injustices in the US health care system will require actively prioritizing health over financial gain.

The PLoS Medicine Debate

Should Informed Consent for Cancer Treatment Include a Discussion about Hospital Outcome Disparities?

Nadine Housri, Robert J Weil, David I Shalowitz, Leonidas G Koniaris


Why Current Publication Practices May Distort Science

Neal S Young, John P. A Ioannidis, Omar Al-Ubaydli


Why Treatment Fails in Type 2 Diabetes

Anders Rosengren, Xingjun Jing, Lena Eliasson, Erik Renström

Health in Action

inSPOT: The First Online STD Partner Notification System Using Electronic Postcards

Deb Levine, Andrew J Woodruff, A. Rain Mocello, Jaime Lebrija, Jeffrey D Klausner

Policy Forum

Off-Label Promotion, On-Target Sales

Adriane Fugh-Berman, Douglas Melnick

Learning Forum

Research Articles

The Effect of Universal Influenza Immunization on Mortality and Health Care Use

Jeffrey C Kwong, Thérèse A Stukel, Jenny Lim, Allison J McGeer, Ross E. G Upshur, Helen Johansen, Christie Sambell, William W Thompson, Deva Thiruchelvam, Fawziah Marra, Lawrence W Svenson, Douglas G Manuel

The Effects of Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Workers in Nursing Homes: Insights from a Mathematical Model

Carline van den Dool, Marc J. M Bonten, Eelko Hak, Janneke C. M Heijne, Jacco Wallinga

Vitamin K Supplementation in Postmenopausal Women with Osteopenia (ECKO Trial): A Randomized Controlled Trial

Angela M Cheung, Lianne Tile, Yuna Lee, George Tomlinson, Gillian Hawker, Judy Scher, Hanxian Hu, Reinhold Vieth, Lilian Thompson, Sophie Jamal, Robert Josse

The Relationship between Proteinuria and Coronary Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Vlado Perkovic, Christine Verdon, Toshiharu Ninomiya, Federica Barzi, Alan Cass, Anushka Patel, Meg Jardine, Martin Gallagher, Fiona Turnbull, John Chalmers, Jonathan Craig, Rachel Huxley

Inflammatory and Coagulation Biomarkers and Mortality in Patients with HIV Infection

Lewis H Kuller, Russell Tracy, Waldo Belloso, Stephane De Wit, Fraser Drummond, H. Clifford Lane, Bruno Ledergerber, Jens Lundgren, Jacqueline Neuhaus, Daniel Nixon, Nicholas I Paton, James D Neaton , for the INSIGHT SMART Study Group

SLC2A9 Is a High-Capacity Urate Transporter in Humans

Mark J Caulfield, Patricia B Munroe, Deb O'Neill, Kate Witkowska, Fadi J Charchar, Manuel Doblado, Sarah Evans, Susana Eyheramendy, Abiodun Onipinla, Philip Howard, Sue Shaw-Hawkins, Richard J Dobson, Chris Wallace, Stephen J Newhouse, Morris Brown, John M Connell, Anna Dominiczak, Martin Farrall, G. Mark Lathrop, Nilesh J Samani, Meena Kumari, Michael Marmot, Eric Brunner, John Chambers, Paul Elliott, Jaspal Kooner, Maris Laan, Elin Org, Gudrun Veldre, Margus Viigimaa, Francesco P Cappuccio, Chen Ji, Roberto Iacone, Pasquale Strazzullo, Kelle H Moley, Chris Cheeseman


Correction: Bioinformatics and Multiepitope DNA Immunization to Design Rational Snake Antivenom

Simon C Wagstaff, Gavin D Laing, R. David G Theakston, Christina Papaspyridis, Robert A Harrison