Table of Contents: January 2005


All My Memory.

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As his memory fades, the man in this image will lose his past as well as his present—where his beloved cat remains unfed. This drawing embodies the essence of my grandparents' last years. None had Alzheimer disease, but I often think of them as their bodies and minds were failing and how they would have felt as the precious parts of their lives disappeared.

I have been working as a freelance illustrator for 25 years and have been an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design since 1993. My process begins with sketching, then I draw and paint directly on my chosen surface. I'm influenced immensely by popular printed materials, especially posters and covers, magazines, and books. I strive to create realistic but off-beat scenes, and it's important to me that the work have a handcrafted look and lots of natural texture.

The PLoS Medicine Debate


Neglected Diseases

Coccidioidomycosis—A Fungal Disease of the Americas

Richard F Hector, Rafael Laniado-Laborin


Seasonal Patterns of Infectious Diseases

Mercedes Pascual, Andy Dobson

Health in Action

Micronutrient Sprinkles to Control Childhood Anaemia

Stanley H Zlotkin, Claudia Schauer, Anna Christofides, Waseem Sharieff, Mélody C Tondeur, S. M. Ziauddin Hyder

Policy Forum

Research in Translation

Retinoic Acid and Arsenic for Treating Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Guang-Biao Zhou, Wei-Li Zhao, Zhen-Yi Wang, Sai-Juan Chen, Zhu Chen

Best Practice

Case Report

Painful Horner Syndrome as a Harbinger of Silent Carotid Dissection

Amit Nautiyal, Sonal Singh, Michael DiSalle, John O'Sullivan

Research Articles

Climate Drives the Meningitis Epidemics Onset in West Africa

Benjamin Sultan, Karima Labadi, Jean-François Guégan, Serge Janicot

Integrating HIV Prevention and Treatment: From Slogans to Impact

Joshua A Salomon, Daniel R Hogan, John Stover, Karen A Stanecki, Neff Walker, Peter D Ghys, Bernhard Schwartländer

KRAS Mutations and Primary Resistance of Lung Adenocarcinomas to Gefitinib or Erlotinib

William Pao, Theresa Y Wang, Gregory J Riely, Vincent A Miller, Qiulu Pan, Marc Ladanyi, Maureen F Zakowski, Robert T Heelan, Mark G Kris, Harold E Varmus

Are Anticapsular Antibodies the Primary Mechanism of Protection against Invasive Pneumococcal Disease?

Marc Lipsitch, Cynthia G Whitney, Elizabeth Zell, Tarja Kaijalainen, Ron Dagan, Richard Malley

Modulation of Statin-Activated Shedding of Alzheimer APP Ectodomain by ROCK

Steve Pedrini, Troy L Carter, George Prendergast, Suzana Petanceska, Michelle E Ehrlich, Sam Gandy


Authors' Reply

Sanjeev Krishna, Timothy Planche

Three More Learning Points

Ignacio Garcia-Doval