Table of Contents: December 2008


Homelessness Is Not Just a Housing Problem.

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Homelessness is about more than rooflessness. A home is not just a physical space: it provides roots, identity, security, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing." This quote comes from the UK charity Crisis, who warn that with the financial crisis the risk of homelessness for many people is closer than we have ever assumed. This month's editorial (PLoS Medicine Editors, e1000003) examines the health needs of the homeless, the under-representation of these problems in the medical literature, and the failure of social and health support systems to address them.

A systematic review and meta-analysis (Fazel et al. e225) published this month also examines some of these problems, showing that homeless people in Western countries have a higher prevalence of alcohol and drug dependence and mental disorders than the general population. A perspective (Herrman e237) discusses the study and the absence of interagency partnerships to address these complex needs.


Health in Action

African AIDS Vaccine Programme for a Coordinated and Collaborative Vaccine Development Effort on the Continent

Pontiano Kaleebu, Alash'le Abimiku, Shenaaz El-Halabi, Sinata Koulla-Shiro, Nicole Mamotte, Souleymane Mboup, Roy Mugerwa, John Nkengasong, Coumba Toure-Kane, Tim Tucker, Douglas Wassenaar, Carolyn Williamson, Dawit Wolday

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Research Articles

Access To Essential Maternal Health Interventions and Human Rights Violations among Vulnerable Communities in Eastern Burma

Luke C Mullany, Catherine I Lee, Lin Yone, Palae Paw, Eh Kalu Shwe Oo, Cynthia Maung, Thomas J Lee, Chris Beyrer

A Randomised Controlled Trial of Artemether-Lumefantrine Versus Artesunate for Uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum Treatment in Pregnancy

Rose McGready, Saw Oo Tan, Elizabeth A Ashley, Mupawjay Pimanpanarak, Jacher Viladpai-nguen, Lucy Phaiphun, Katja Wüstefeld, Marion Barends, Natthapon Laochan, Lily Keereecharoen, Niklas Lindegardh, Pratap Singhasivanon, Nicholas J White, François Nosten

Ovarian Carcinoma Subtypes Are Different Diseases: Implications for Biomarker Studies

Martin Köbel, Steve E Kalloger, Niki Boyd, Steven McKinney, Erika Mehl, Chana Palmer, Samuel Leung, Nathan J Bowen, Diana N Ionescu, Ashish Rajput, Leah M Prentice, Dianne Miller, Jennifer Santos, Kenneth Swenerton, C. Blake Gilks, David Huntsman

Analysis of Germline GLI1 Variation Implicates Hedgehog Signalling in the Regulation of Intestinal Inflammatory Pathways

Charlie W Lees, William J Zacharias, Mark Tremelling, Colin L Noble, Elaine R Nimmo, Albert Tenesa, Jennine Cornelius, Leif Torkvist, John Kao, Susan Farrington, Hazel E Drummond, Gwo-Tzer Ho, Ian D. R Arnott, Henry D Appelman, Lauri Diehl, Harry Campbell, Malcolm G Dunlop, Miles Parkes, Sarah E. M Howie, Deborah L Gumucio, Jack Satsangi


Correction: A Prevalent Variant in PPP1R3A Impairs Glycogen Synthesis and Reduces Muscle Glycogen Content in Humans and Mice

David B Savage, Lanmin Zhai, Balasubramanian Ravikumar, Cheol Soo Choi, Johanna E Snaar, Amanda C McGuire, Sung-Eun Wou, Gemma Medina-Gomez, Sheene Kim, Cheryl B Bock, Dyann M Segvich, Bhavana Solanky, Dinesh Deelchand, Antonio Vidal-Puig, Nicholas J Wareham, Gerald I Shulman, Fredrik Karpe, Roy Taylor, Bartholomew A Pederson, Peter J Roach, Stephen O'Rahilly, Anna A DePaoli-Roach

Correction: Vitamin K Supplementation in Postmenopausal Women with Osteopenia (ECKO Trial): A Randomized Controlled Trial

Angela M Cheung, Lianne Tile, Yuna Lee, George Tomlinson, Gillian Hawker, Judy Scher, Hanxian Hu, Reinhold Vieth, Lilian Thompson, Sophie Jamal, Robert Josse