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  • Published: April 28, 2009
  • DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000072

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Spreading the open access word

Posted by dtae on 28 Apr 2009 at 23:36 GMT

An inspirational editorial for an inspirational journal.

I have a new strategy to spread the word about open access that I think is likely to be effective. When I am asked to be a peer-reviewer by a non-open access journal I warn the editors and authors that while I am reviewing the current manuscript, the fact that the manuscript is in a non-open access journal will make it less likely that I will invest my time as a reviewer in the future. I then try to give them a few reasons why this is a good and moral idea (standard ideas about open access).

I think that this is a good way of getting directly at the editors of journals and also sending a message to authors when they are their most alert.

I'd be curious to hear what you think and hope others start this practice.


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