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Neonatal Circumcision for HIV Prevention: Cost, Culture, and Behavioral Considerations

  • Seth C. Kalichman mail

    Affiliation: Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, United States of America

  • Published: January 19, 2010
  • DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000219

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Posted by tomn on 18 Feb 2010 at 05:26 GMT

Seth Kalichman likens opponents of circumcision to "antiscience and antimedicine extremists" whose aim is to maintain entrenched belief systems. However, the real extremists are the ones who deny the foreskin serves any useful purpose. Anatomical evidence has shown that the preputial mucosa contains specialized sensory tissue.[1]

1. Taylor JR, Lockwood AP, Taylor AJ. The prepuce: specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision. Br J Urol 1996;77:291-295.

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